How to Make Vegan Christmas Delicious

How to Make Vegan Christmas Delicious

How to Make Vegan Christmas Delicious


If Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol today, Scrooge would shout down to the boy in the street something along the lines of: “Run down to Fortnums and fetch me the top shelf nut roast! But make sure you get something gluten free too. And sod it, everyone likes chocolate. Just get something that no one will notice is dairy free! And don’t forget Uncle Pete is off the booze.”  


Not as easy to work into a carol as “big fat goose”, is it? 


For too long Vegan Christmas food has been largely seen as lesser substitutes for the traditional festive fare. But it’s 2022, friends! No more! We are living in a golden age where it’s easy to get your hands on delicious vegan Christmas food. 


Begin with Vegan Treats under the Tree


One of the best things about Christmas is that it’s socially acceptable to have sweets for breakfast while opening the gifts. I like to start with a delicious vegan coffee (added booze optional 😉). Try VGN FCTRY Toffee Cappuccino and, go on, we’ll allow a little drop of Dirty Cow Cream Liqueur. 


Alas, coffee is not enough to sustain even the best of us through the morning. My family tradition involved baking my Festive Fruit and Almond Wreath on Christmas Eve night so it’s ready to slice and share for brekkie on Christmas morning.  


Does your Vegan Christmas Dinner include Appetisers?


It’s a contentious subject, I know. Should Christmas dinner have starters? Or are you saving all your hunger for the main event? Personally, I’m partial to little nibbles beforehand because hangry can reach new levels when you throw a little family drama into the mix. Fed bellies = happy bellies. So if you’re after a delicious vegan starter, allow me to recommend Granovita Mushroom Pate. Serve with a selection of crackers and your favourite chutneys and you are bound to stave off the pre-dinner angst. 


The Main Event: to cook or to order?


Whether you’re the modern day Vegan Mary Berry or you relate a little more to Rachel and her mince beef in a trifle, there is a stunning vegan Christmas dinner out there for you.  

If you want to simply buy something in and avoid a potential Christmas dinner mishap, I’m going to strongly recommend the Artisan Grains Country Veg & Cashew Nut Roast. It’s a winner and a staple Sunday dinner in my home. Drench that baby in some gravy and cranberry sauce and you will not regret it! 

For Christmas, I’m more of a homemade gal myself, so I’m leaning towards cooking something like this Vegan Wellington. This gorgeous main course is a worthy centrepiece for a truly luxury vegan Christmas dinner.  


Irresistible Vegan Desserts 


I love a showstopper for pudding. After dinner, when everyone’s eyelids are feeling heavy from excessively full stomachs, dessert seems unthinkable. Could we fit another single crumb in? But when you walk into the room holding a glorious sweet masterpiece aloft, heads round the table perk up like daisies turning towards the sun, suddenly no one feels so full after all… that moment is what I live for. It’s pure magic! 

My top tip for a show stopping vegan dessert: A Gingerbread House. It’s fun and classic and loved by all ages. Alternatively, I think a lush bread pudding made with this panettone-style christmas cake would go down a treat alongside a cheeky sherry.  


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


No more is vegan food a fringe cuisine in some dark corner of the world; we’ve arrived! There has never been a more delicious time to be a vegan than right now. Christmas, especially, should be a celebration of the diverse and delicious options available to vegans around the UK. Now is the perfect time to plan the Christmas menu of your dreams. Then kick back with a mulled wine and some delicious chocolates to soak in the triumph of a truly delicious vegan Christmas.  

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