Introducing Stephanie: Owner/Director of Treehouse Bakery

Introducing Stephanie: Owner/Director of Treehouse Bakery


I make vegan baking kits for your eco-friendly sweet tooth. When you order one of my kits you get all the ingredients you need, all pre-measured in the right quantity and packaged in the most eco-friendly materials I can get my hands on. Treehouse Bakery recipes are simple, easy to follow, and don’t unnecessarily overcomplicate the classics. So whether you are a vegan who is new to baking, or a baker who is new to veganism, you are safe in my hands with a kit from Treehouse Bakery.


Why vegan baking? 


This is two questions in one: why vegan? And why baking? I’ve always cared deeply about the environment and want to do all I can to take care of our planet. While I grew up an avid meat-eater, I ultimately realised that no matter how much I recycle, nothing will make as much of an impact as changing the way I eat. Growing and farming food accounts for a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions. And 53% of food-related greenhouse gas is related to raising animals [source]. The maths is simple: The fewer animals we eat, the more the planet benefits.


Nowhere is making the swap to veganism easier than in baking. When you eat a delicious brownie, do you taste all those eggs in there? No, you do not. Chewing on the perfect chocolate chip cookie, do you think about the cows that were milked for the butter for these cookies? No, you do not. Ideally, all you are thinking is, “Yum!” Even those most resistant to the idea of veganism can’t deny a delicious cake when served a generous slice.


The journey to veganism is gradual. Most people won’t go from eating meat every day to being completely vegan. Ask most vegans and they’ll tell you they were veggie first, then slowly dropped eggs and dairy. I still consider myself part-time vegan even though you won’t find any animal products in my home. I’m not perfect, and probably never will be. I try to present Treehouse Bakery in the most welcoming way possible. I love it when non-vegans tell me they tried and loved my recipes. I love it when customers say they bake my brownies for their family and just never tell anyone that they’re vegan. I love the idea of reaching people with loads of different diets, all who are willing to try baking with my kits. You don’t have to be a card-carrying vegan. You just need to have an open mind.


Give Vegan Baking a Go 


Ultimately, I started Treehouse Bakery to make vegan baking at home accessible to everyone. Home baking should be joyful, stress-free, and you should always end up with something Introducing Stephanie: Owner/Director of Treehouse Bakery; Vegan Baking Kits for your Eco-Friendly Sweet Tooth


I’m at book club talking about everything except the book at hand. Relatable, right? My friend, who I know is vegan, is telling me how she tried two different recipes to make a birthday cake for her partner and both were really complicated and really not very tasty. I’m so confused; she’s not trying to make coq-au-vin or iles flottante. Just a Victoria sponge, maybe with some chocolate frosting... What could possibly be complicated about that?


She goes on to tell me that these recipes called for rice flour, avocado oil, and had a long methodology that involved whisking the cake batter over an ice bath for an oddly specific amount of time. “Vegan recipes are way more complicated than they need to be,” I say.


Why did you launch Treehouse Bakery? 


This moment sticks out in my memory when I think of all the things that led me to launching Treehouse Bakery. I’ve always found baking at home, well, simple. And I don’t mean that in a condescending “I’m-just-naturally-talented” way. If anything, I’ve just always had an arrogance that no matter what the kitchen throws at me, I’m going to turn out something tasty. Treehouse Bakery is a way to share that confidence and ease with the world. I want everyone to feel the way I do when I’m baking.

delicious. Vegan baking doesn’t need to be intimidating or overwhelming. Most vegan recipes can be simple and fun to make. Why not explore my range of baking kits available on Vegan Store? And I promise, you won’t notice the lack of eggs in your bakes, but the planet will thank you.

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