About us

A brief history

Veganstore.co.uk was the UK’s first independent retailer of vegan products online.

At the forefront of the vegan revolution since 2000, shipping the best in vegan products around the world from all across the UK to Australia, America and the Far East. 

Our aim is keep that number 1 spot by bringing you the best and newest vegan products from our network of partners around the globe. 

Whilst we like to work with UK partners where possible, we appreciate the vegan revolution is not confined to the UK and some of the best new products come from overseas.

We pride ourselves on working with these partners to develop new products, like Golden Crunch, Super Fudgio, Clarana Smarties and being first to market with many more. 

It's always exciting to launch new products and we've been doing it since the beginning. 2002 we launched the first vegan white chocolate and the first vegan marshmallows in 2004. 

Along the way we've bought some amazing products to the UK such as the incredible Go Max Go Candy Bars, Vegg and Instant Coffee Creamers. 

In 2008 we started our own distribution warehouse and now supply stores and other distributors with our entire range of great vegan products. Meaning you can find Vegan Store products in outlets worldwide. 

We are committed to working with our suppliers and customers in a fair and ethical way.

With this new website, set up in July 2018, we have made the ordering process faster and more efficient, so you save you time and money. 

You’ll find all your favorites that you know so well. 

Plus you’ll find seasonal products for Christmas, Easter & Valentines; and exclusive special offers.

But we’re not stopping there.  We’re always on the lookout for new ideas and new products, so if there’s something you’d like to stock, let us know at sales@veganstore.co.uk and we’ll take a look. 

For a happier and healthier world, 

All of us at veganstore.co.uk