Envirosax Reusable Bags

Envirosax To The Moon Fold Up Shopper

Envirosax To The Moon Fold Up Shopper

Spaceships and Planets





Additional information:

Be whisked away on adventures with vibrant classic childhood prints. Let your child’s imagination run wild with space expeditions, while learning about eco friendly living. These fun but functional bags are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Your print won't fade so it looks this good for years to come

Not just a pretty face these bags pack up to a tiny 10cm x 4.5cm but when unfolded are a huge 45cm x 42 cm.
And they roll up really easily not struggling with unwieldy seams or origami folding patterns so you'll want to carry it with you

Super lightweight they weigh 40g each but have been built to carry upto 19.95kg !
Fully washable and water resistant

Not just for shopping, we've love ours so much that it comes pretty much everywhere with us. It's great for travelling as you can pop it in your hand luggage