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Tartex Organic Spreadable Sausage Pate

Tartex Organic Spreadable Sausage Pate

A fantastic savoury pate with real sausage flavour





Additional information:

A fantastic idea for an organic spreadable sausage pate
Whether you use it as a pate on crackers or on sandwiches it's absolutely delicious

The fine aromas of dried bell peppers and red tomatoes tickle the tongue with every bite and the carefully balanced flavours of mild spices give the spread its unique savoury aroma. In texture and taste its hardly distinguishable from the non-vegan competition!

This purely vegetable spread is for savoury lovers. With around 36% tofu, this vegan delicacy offers you a welcoming opportunity to enjoy a hearty snack without the hassle of cooking!
Simply spread it, bite it and enjoy.

Ingredients : Tofu* (water, soya beans*), water, palm oil* (unhardened), nutritional yeast*, bell pepper*, tomato puree*, potato starch*, sea salt, raw cane sugar*, elderberry concentrate*, spices*, thickening agent: Locust bean gum* (* = certified organic)
Contains SOYA
120g Pot