Pacifica Persian Rose Solid Perfume

Pacifica Persian Rose Solid Perfume

The queen of perfumes with Bulgarian Rose





Additional information:

This beautiful blend of Bulgarian Rose, subtle violet, Myrrh and delicate fruit is a nod to the floral empire of the Persians.
Elegant and Classic with a hint of sensuality

The rose, a symbol of love and beauty, was beloved by the early Persian perfumers for its unrivaled scent.
This is a modern blend with this classic flower at the heart.
In the 9th century, Persians were the kings of perfume and the rose was their queen.

This classic blend has real depth and truly reflects a rose in the pinnacle of it's bloom.

The solid blend makes your perfume perfectly portable, great for your handbag or travelling
This is a soft expertly blended fragrance from essential oils so is never harsh or overpowering like some synthetic blends
Blended with natural coconut and soy wax. And, they are free of phthalates, nitro-musks, benzene, parabens, mineral oils, GMO, propylene glycol, and artificial color
33oz or 10g