Natur Compagnie Organic Rocking Veggie Drink Bouillon

Natur Compagnie Organic Rocking Veggie Drink Bouillon

Super Warming Hot drink or Bouillon





Additional information:

Packed full of flavour this instant bouillon is perfect as a hot drink instead of tea or coffee or we like to use it to pack flavour into our cooking.
Whether you're making soups, casseroles curries this is a great way to get a real hit of flavour in.
We also love using it as the cooking water for cous cous, lentil, chickpeas or any legumes and beans to add that flavour into the base ingredients. Fantastic to cook rice in too.

The Rocking Veggie blend has over 30% vegetables in it, so it's super concentrated. Flavoured with carrot, leek, onion, celery, parsnip, pumpkin, parsley, turmeric, bay, basil, lovage and fennel, it gives you're cooking the depth of flavour that's sometimes missing.
We also love the fact that rather then in a tub where the spices can loose their flavour this is packed in 10 individual sachets so you always know how much to use.
Also if you're using this as a hot drink they're easy to take out and about with you.
Also available in 3 other blends - Hot Fox, Rocking Veggie and Hot Ginger.

Ingredients : Vegetables* (30%)(carrot*, leek*, onion*, celery*, parsnip*, pumpkin*), sea salt, maize starch*, yeast extract, raw cane sugar*, concentrated vegetable juice( (carrot*, onion*), parsleu*, sunflower oil*, turmeric*, bay*, basil*, lovage leaf*, nutmeg*, lovage*, celery leaf*, pepper*, garlci*, fennel seeds*.
* = From certified organic production.
Allergen information : see bold
Manufactured in a factory where egg, soya, milk, mustard, celery and gluten are present.
70g Box
10 x 7g Sachets.