Terra Vegane Bumper Pack 3 Full Sized Items

Terra Vegane Bumper Pack 3 Full Sized Items

3 Full sized product for an amazing low price

Please select a Parmi Topper:

Italian Herb
Chilli Cheddar





Additional information:

3 Full Sized Products from Terra Vegane for 1 great price
Bought separately you'd be paying 11.45

Included is
1 x 250g Pack of Omelette Mix
The super fast way to make a healthy, satisfying dinner

1 x 150g Bag of Golden Exx Egg Free Yolk Replacer
A fantastic way of enriching your cooking and baking where recipes call for eggs

1 x 100g Bag of Parmi Topper
Choose from either Chilli Cheddar or Italian Herb
These alternative to Italian Grated Cheese sprinkles are great on pasta, pizza, nachos, toasted sandwiches or anything you need an extra savoury hit in

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