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Veganuary Sweet Taster Pack

Veganuary Sweet Taster Pack

11 Full sized products for 14.99 instead of 20.59





Additional information:

One of the most common questions we're asked when going vegan is what can I eat ?
What am I going to miss ?
The answer is nothing

With this taster pack you have all your favourite treats, some crunchy, some creamy, white chocolate, marshmallows, fudge, caramels, chewy sweets the whole range
Bought separately from us these 11 full sized products would be 20.59 !

Peakz Chocolate Crispy Square
Jameson's Raspberry Coconut Ruffles
Jokerz Vegan Snickers Bar
American Hard Gums
Salted Fudgee Bites
Golden Crunch Crunchie Bar
Kubonbon Caramels
Freedom Mini Marshmallows
Vivani White Strawberry Chocolate
Pernigotti Gianduiotti Bar
Lazy Days Millionaires Crispy Squares

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