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Granovita Pate

Granovita Pate

Available in Shitake Mushroom or Olive

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Shitake Mushroom





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Crammed full of flavour and packed in hand resealable tins
Try it on crispbreads, bagels, sandwiches or to add a savoury flavour to stock.

Ingredients: water, non-hydrogenated palm fat, nutritional yeast(16.9%), re-hydrated shittake mushrooms(9.3%), potato starch, onions, sea salt, yeast extract(0.5%), spices(0.1%) (paprika, nutmeg, hot paprika), herbs(0.02%) (thyme),garlic.

Allergen information; Gluten/Dairy/Lactose Free. Made in a factory where nut products and peanuts are processed

125g Tub.