Chocolate bars

Vivani I Choc Organic Choco Cookie Chocolate

Vivani I Choc Organic Choco Cookie Chocolate

Think Oreo cookies in a milk chocolate bar !





Additional information:

Occasionally a bar comes along that blows our world, how did we not think of this !
This is that bar !
Super creamy organic vegan milk chocolate - Yep
But then to add chocolate cookie chunks for a crunch and sweet sensation is genius.
It's like Oreo's in a chocolate bar !

Ingredients : raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, rice drink powder, cocoa cookie (wheat flour, raw cane sugar, palm fat (RSPO certified), cocoa powder, sugar beet syrup, sea salt), hazelnut paste, bourbon vanilla extract
80g Boxed Bar
Please note that although there is no milk in the ingredients this product is produced in a factory where milk, shell fruits and gluten are handled

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