Chocolate bars

Go Max Thumb's Up Bar Peanut Centre

Go Max Thumb's Up Bar Peanut Centre

Crispy, crunchy peanut with salt and chocolate





Additional information:

The vegan version of a Butterfinger. So how to describe it to us Brits, it's like a peanut butterscotch, crunchie bar. Almost the texture of crunchy cinder toffee but made with peanut butter sweet but at the same time salty and wrapped in Go Max's vegan milk chocolate. Delicious

Ingredients: cane sugar, corn syrup, peanuts (dry roasted), unrefined cane sugar, palm kernel oil, cocoa powder (natural), rice powder (rice syrup solids, rice starch, rice flour, carrageenan), salt, soybean lecithin, corn starch, natural colour, flavourings, tocopherol (vitamin E).

37g Bar

Allergen information: contains PEANUTS & SOY. Due to methods of manufacture may contain traces of dairy, wheat, eggs, peanut and tree nuts.

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