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Sweet Freedom Natural Vegan Honey

Sweet Freedom Natural Vegan Honey

A honey like sweetner made from 100% fruit

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SWEET FREEDOM is an amazing new low GL all natural sweetener made from 100% fruit that tastes just like sugar / honey!
Contains only 3 ingredients : apple, grape and carob
No Chemicals or Enzymes used in production
No colours, flavours or preservatives
GM Free. Low GI and GL.
Suitable for diabetics
25% less calories then sugar
No need to refridgerate

Use it to replace sugar, honey and artificial sweeteners. Ideal for sweetening all hot and cold drinks, porridge, cereal and muesli, home made ice cream, swirled in yogurt, as a syrup topping and perfect for baking ... spread on toast instead of honey too ..

Available in Mild a sweet honey like taste or Dark which has a toffee like intense sweetness (perfect in lattes)
350g Squeezy Bottle

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