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Vantastic Organic Eilike Egg Replacer Sachets

Vantastic Organic Eilike Egg Replacer Sachets

6 Individual sachets per pack. 1 sachet = 1 egg

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Additional information:

What a fabulous idea, a pack of 6 individual sachets, so you don't have to open a whole box of egg replacer.
Each individual sachet is 5g enough to replace one egg or egg white
And you get 6 sachets per pack.

To use simply mix one 5g pack with 2 TBS water to obtain the equivalent of 1 egg yolk or 5g EiLike protein + 25ml water = 1 egg white.

Choose from whole egg or pure egg white replacer

The whole egg replacer is the perfect vegan alternative to eat egg-free
For cold or hot dishes, for baking or to create desserts or sauces

The biovegan egg white substitute is ideal for making meringue, foam or soufflé.

Ingredients : Cornstarch* (50%), chickpea flour* (20%), sunflower seed flour*, maltodextrin*, pumpkin flour*, sea salt, thickener: locust bean gum*, turmeric*, acerola powder*. (* = certified organic)
6 x 5g Sachets