Veggy Friends Mock Meat Chicken Schnitzel

Veggy Friends Mock Meat Chicken Schnitzel

Fantastically tasty mock chicken pieces





Additional information:

At last a mock meat chicken that's easy to make up, reasonable in price and tastes amazing.
Add to pizzas, pasta, salads, chuck on the BBQ, grill or fry up for some tasty chicken style strips

- Quick and easy preparation
- Very low in fat: 100g contains only 1.5g fat

Preparation is very simple: Just let the Schnitzel sit and soak up hot vegetable stock or any flavours you'd like, then grill, BBQ, add to stews, salads, pastas or breadcrumb and fry until golden brown.

Ingredients: soy flour (defatted), natural spices
No preservatives and guaranteed GM-free
100g Pack makes 300g of product