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Giovanni Organic Straight Fast Elixir

Giovanni Organic Straight Fast Elixir

Straightens out hair till your next shampoo





Additional information:

Giovanni Organic Hair Straightening Elixir with Shine Enhancers
Smoothes and soothes hair for the ultimate sleek style
Straightens hair temporarily until your next shampoo

Smooth the curls, relax the waves, control the kinks in the unruliest hair. This lightweight crystal clear gel adds silky shine while it repels humidity. Your hair is sleek and stays totally touchable without stickyness or crispyness.

Reduces friction from the brush and also acts as a buffer against heat when blow-drying. Straight Fast! smoothes waves and curls for toally silky smooth texture. It washes out completely and there is no build-up.

Contains a blend of organic oils, ripe harvested from renewable plants at the peak of their freshness. Cold pressed and refridgerated immediately to ensure maximum purity and to infuse your hair with vitamins, nutrients and protein for strength and vitality
200ml Tube

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