Chocolate Bumper Packs

Sweet Treat Bumper Pack

Sweet Treat Bumper Pack

12 Best Sellers for 16.99 Saving just under 20%





Additional information:

When that need for something sweet calls we hope we have thought of treats to fit the bill. 12 yummy products that would cost you 21.00 if bought individually giving you a whopping saving of 4.04

Pack Contains; Choices Choc 'n' Crispie Vegan Milk Chocolate Bar 30g
Vivani White Nougat Crisp Bar 35g
Vivani I Choc Expedition Sunny Almond Bar 50g
Kuhbonbon Bag Creamy Caramels 165g
Flying Saucers filled with Fizzy Sherbert 58g
Big Zappers Sour Sweeties 26g
Free from Fellows Sugar Free Gummy Bears 100g
Freedom Micro Mini Marshmallow Bag 75g
Lazy Day Dark Choc Tiffin Slices 150g
Bumper Bag Blue Raspberry Laces 250g
Pimlico Pick & Mix Pencils 200g Tub
Go Max Snap Rice Crackle Milk Choc Bar 43g

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