Chocolate Bumper Packs

Sweet Treat Bumper Pack

Sweet Treat Bumper Pack

12 Best Sellers for 16.99 Saving just under 20%





Additional information:

When that need for something sweet calls we hope we have thought of treats to fit the bill. 9 yummy products that would cost you 19.97 if bought individually giving you a whopping saving of 2.98

Pack Contains; Hill Gingerbread Men Biscuits
Loving Earth 80g Caramel Bar 35g
Vivani I Choc Expedition Jungle Bites Bar 50g
Freedom Mini Marshmallows Bag 75g
Bonvita Rice Milk Rice Crisps Bar 100g
Bonvita Rice Milk Raisins Hazelnuts Bar 100g
Loving Earth Raspberry Cashew Mylk Chocolate Bar 30g
Lazy Day Individual Tiffin Portion Pack 50g
Lazy Day Iced Fruit Cake Slice 150g

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