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Biona Organic Sour Snakes Gummi Sweets

Biona Organic Sour Snakes Gummi Sweets

Organic sour sweets with a slither





Additional information:

These sour snakes have no artificial colours or flavours and are organic. Made with real fruit juice from morello cherry, pineapple, apple and orange. The sourness just slithers up on you

Ingredients : Raw cane sugar* (unrefined), corn syrup*, corn starch*, acidulant (citric acid, lactic acid, apple acid, calcium citrate), fruit juice concentrates* (morello cherry*, pineapple*, apple*, orange*), colouring fruit and plant extracts (elderberry*, turmeric*, algae, safflower), gelling agent: pectin, natural flavours
*certified organic ingredients
75g Bag

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