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Benevo Pawtato Knots Dog Treats

Benevo Pawtato Knots Dog Treats

A vegan rawhide snack for your best friend





Additional information:

The pawfect replacement for rawhide dog chews
And why shouldn't you treat your faithful friend
Reminiscent in shape these sweet potato replicas are tempting and oh so tasty
Benevo Pawtato Knots are vegetarian and vegan, containing only natural ingredients, 78% sweet potato and completely free from GMO ingredients.
Formulated without meat, fish, dairy, eggs or wheat or soya and despite their appealing orange appearance have no artificial flavours or colours.
Contains Beta-Carotene, a natural anti-oxidant; Fibre which is good for the gut; Vitamin C that is important for the immune system and Potassium for muscles, nerves and enzymes.
Only 0.5% fat!
150g Bag

All Benevo products are cruelty-free, which means they are not tested on animals or produced with slaughter-house or animal ingredients.