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Fabulous Factory Sea Salted Chocolate Fudgee Bites

Fabulous Factory Sea Salted Chocolate Fudgee Bites

Creamy vanilla fudge, hint of salt and chocolate. Yum





Additional information:

For us there's no better combination then chocolate, salt and vanilla and these hit the spot in everyway

Bite sized pieces of creamy vanilla fudge with a hint of salt then wrapped in chocolate. Heaven

Ingredients : Fudge (Sugar, Glucose Syrup), Soya Milk Fondant (Sugar, Glucose Syrup), Cocoa Butter, Sea Salt, Natural Flavouring, Colour: Plain Caramel.Dairy Free Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soya flour, Cocoa Liquor, Emulsifier, Sunflower Lecithin) Glazing Agents: Gum Arabic,Zein, Chocolate Coating (50%) Fudge (50%)Dairy Free Chocolate coating contains 30% minimum cocoa solids.

65g Bag

Allergens: Contains soya.
May contain traces of nuts. Dairy free. Gluten-free.